Downtown Warehouse Wedding, Los Angeles

Kenny & Jane

Ran around LA with these two, it was rad. Oh, & they got married!

Coordinator & Design - Pursue Love Design Co.

Venue: Lot 613

Photography - Isaiah & Taylor Photography

Videography- Amari Procuctions

*This is only a small portion of the photographs from the whole wedding day. Our brides & grooms receive way, way more. If you're interested in viewing an entire wedding gallery, please contact us!

Sunrise Mountaintop Engagement, Yosemite National Park

Tay & Sam

©Isaiah & Taylor Photography - Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographer - Yosemite National Park Hiking Adventure Engagement - Glacier Point Sunrise-019.jpg

Sunrises are definitely one of our favorite things, and now even more so. Remember this adorable couple? We had the honor of documenting their surprise proposal a few months back. While on a road trip, Taylor & Sam met us up in Yosemite and explored around the side of a mountain then through some trees. Days like these are always welcome.

Forest Cabin Wedding, Lake Arrowhead

Spencer & Jessica

You know that feeling when a place just feels like home? Yeah, that's what this place gives you. You know those people that just make you feel like family? Yeah, that's what these people do to you. Driving home from this wedding a few weeks ago left us thinking, "do we have to leave?".  

We had fun jumping on rocks with Spencer & Jessica for their engagement session in Joshua Tree, and we had even more fun wandering off the trail with them on their wedding day at Pine Rose Cabins. 

Venue: Pine Rose Cabins, Lake Arrowhead

Photography: Isaiah & Taylor Photography

Hair & Makeup: Done by the bride

Rings: Robert Chavira

Dress: Wtoo

Groom: J. Crew, Levi's, Timberland

Signs: Cote Collective

Cake: Niki's Custom Cakes

Flowers: Jasmine Rose 

Behind The Scenes Lifestyle, Fine Feathers Kombucha

Jay & Jodine

We spent the afternoon behind the scenes with our favorite kombucha brewers, Fine Feathers! Jay & Jodine are another husband & wife team that inspire us. If you're in the Los Angeles / Orange County area, pick up a bottle of their kombucha from a local shop, or their store! If you would like to see more of our lifestyle / commercial work, visit us here.

VW Bus Hangout, Long Beach

Isaiah & Taylor Self-Portraits

When Isaiah met Taylor, being a barefoot bus-driver was one of the things he fell for about her. After many adventures later, we are sad to be parting with our bus. Although we’re not sentimental about material items, this bus deserves a tribute for all it’s character. So, we prepped our cameras, grabbed our tripod, and reinacted our beginning days of us with the bus. This evening consisted of hanging out in Long Beach, skating & eating Hole Mole.

P.S. Interested in buying this bus? Contact us.

Landscape Sunset Engagement, Los Angeles

Jacob & Rachel

Jacob & Rachel spent an evening with us trailing up Griffith Park to this view of Los Angeles. Right as we thought the day was over, a crazy sunset decided to peak through onto the city.