Yosemite National Park

Stormy Cliffside Engagement, Yosemite

Will & Emily

We all left LA for the weekend, made our way up the 5 freeway, and met up in the clouds. This was Will & Emily's first time together in Yosemite, and we're stoked to have documented them as they wandered around the valley & hiked up to the edge of the cliffs. 

*This is only a small portion of the photographs from the whole engagement. Our brides & grooms receive way, way more. If you're interested in viewing an entire engagement/wedding gallery, please contact us!

Sunrise Mountaintop Engagement, Yosemite National Park

Tay & Sam

©Isaiah & Taylor Photography - Los Angeles Destination Wedding Photographer - Yosemite National Park Hiking Adventure Engagement - Glacier Point Sunrise-019.jpg

Sunrises are definitely one of our favorite things, and now even more so. Remember this adorable couple? We had the honor of documenting their surprise proposal a few months back. While on a road trip, Taylor & Sam met us up in Yosemite and explored around the side of a mountain then through some trees. Days like these are always welcome.