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Taylor + Isaiah

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About Us.

We are best friends, making wedding photos + videos since 2012.

Los Angeles / Long Beach / SoCal (but we'll go anywhere).

Our couples are typically laid-back, rule-breaking, spontaneous creatives & explorers.

When we're not photographing, you'll find us eating vegan food, hanging out with dogs, skating the streets, trailing in nature and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Let’s be buddies, collaborate, and make something cool!

Contact us here. <3

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How we work.

We want you to remember the feeling. With 300 love stories photographed, we value real memories preserved artistically.

It's a priority to us that you enjoy your day as it naturally flows, we'll be incognito ninjas for most of the day, and subtly direct during portrait time.

How it started.

Both of us had cameras in our hand before we met, Isaiah would photograph skateboarding, and Taylor would shoot portraits (myspace days). You can see our personal work here and here.

We started shooting together for fun in 2009. Then in 2012 we started photographing couples and in 2014 we both quit our office jobs, and committed to photo full time.

If you want to know more, here's some F.A.Q.!