Frequently Asked Questions

Are you full-time wedding photographers?

-Yes! We both quit our office jobs in 2014 to fully focus on our photography business.

What is your style?

This is something that we hope our work speaks for itself. We've been told our work is cinematic, documentary, organic, laid-back and fun.

Do you both shoot weddings? / Will I have 2 photographers?

Yes! We are both lead shooters. At your wedding you will have atleast one of us + a second shooter, but sometimes weโ€™ll both be shooting together. Two photographers are included in every package, so there's no need to add on a "second shooter" to make sure all your moments are documented.

Do you travel?

Yep! We travel out of state & country for weddings / shoots. We only take on a few destinations a year, so hit us up to see if we can make it. 

How much does wedding photography cost?

Typically couples spend between 5k-8k with us. We keep things pretty simple, check out rates here, and contact us for a detailed package list.

How did you start out in wedding photography?

We have both been shooting individually for 10+ years ago, Isaiah would shoot skateboarding, and Taylor would shoot portraits. We've been creating fun things together since 2009, and photographing weddings together since 2012. 

How many weddings have you done?

We have photographed over 200 weddings together, and over 150 couple sessions together.

So how does this whole thing work / what's the process?

You email us, we email back, we talk more details through email (or phone if you prefer). We sign a contract to make it all official! We meet in person, possibly do an engagement session. We help plan out the details for your wedding day with some online questionnaires & a few more emails. You get married, we document it. We send sneak peeks that week, you make it social media official and go on your honeymoon. You start your married life together while we edit away on your photos. A couple months later you receive your online wedding gallery & you live happily ever after (with a lot of hard work & love).

How long will I have to wait to see my photos?

You'll receive sneak peeks a few days (typically the morning after) of your wedding. Your full wedding gallery will be delivered within 5 months of your wedding date (though we try to get it to you by your 2 month anniversary). An engagement session gallery will be delivered within 2 months (though we try to get this to you within 3 weeks). 

How many photos will I receive?

We estimate 50 photos delivered per hour of coverage, but it's typically more than that. We shoot a lot at weddings, so we'll cull through and take out any blinks & repeats, but we'll never hold back on memories. For a typical wedding day, we'll deliver around 400-800 edited photos. This may sound like a lot, but it ends up being a good amount between your details, morning prep, moments with your parents, first look, portraits of you two alone, wedding party photos, ceremony, reception, etc.

Will all the photos I receive be edited?

Yes! Every photo you receive has been hand-edited by us, one by one. 

What is the "online gallery" that is included in your packages?

The online gallery is a private online website that contains your hi-res photos for you to download. This can be accessed by you & anyone you'd like to share it with. This is also an easy, fast & secure way to order prints/canvases. (Or you can just download the hi-res files and print where you please).

Will there be a ridiculously ugly watermark across my face in the photos I receive?

Absolutely not. When we say that everything is included in your package, we mean it. There are no unpleasant surprises/fees later to receive your images.

Do you photograph formal family portraits?

Yes. These are typically done directly after your ceremony with your immediate family. Or if you do a first look, this can be done prior to ceremony. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes, yes, definitely! If your venue needs a copy of it, let us know & we'll send it over.

Do you have an opinion on timeline?

Yes! We really strive for you to enjoy your wedding day feeling relaxed & having fun, and the best way for this to happen is to prep with a solid timeline. We'll help create a timeline with you & your coordinator so your day flows smooth & you receive everything you want. Itโ€™s important to us that you enjoy your day, so we make sure to plan ahead of time to make that happen.

What gear do you use?

Nikon d810's, Nikon d800's, Nikon d750's, prime lenses ranging from from 24-135, and sometimes our 70-200 for ceremony. A couple tilt-shift lenses (that give that blurr affect you may see in a few photos). For post processing, we use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & PhotoMechanic. We trust our gear, but we also carry back-up equipment.

How / when do I book you?

Contact us first to make sure we're available for your date. To reserve us for your date, we do a contract signing + a 50% retainer fee. This can all be done digitally through email to keep things easy. Our dates fill up quick. Most couples book us 8-12 months out, contact us to see if/when we're available.

How did you two meet?

In 2008, we both had a friend that would tell us about each other constantly. Her words- "I know someone equally as weird as you that you have to meet". So we checked out each other's myspace profiles, met casually with friends, and became best friends a little after that. 

What's your favorite food?

Vegan tacos, vegan pizza, vegan thai food, vegan pie. We are vegan (for the earth, animals & our health), and we love it! We didn't think it'd be possible, but once we made the switch (with slow steps), we couldn't be happier. :) We love love when weddings have vegan options! (but no worries, we're used to bringing back up food just in case).

Can we be friends?

Yes, please!