Long Beach Wedding Photographer, Downtown Engagement

Adrienne + Leilani

©Isaiah + Taylor Photography - Long Beach Wedding Photographer - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Okay, this day was fun. These two are hilarious and kept us laughing this entire time, and the drinks we all had beforehand may have contributed to this. From the bar, we ventured around downtown Long Beach, found some cool walls, alleys and views. Adrienne and Leilani are genuine and warm, these solid buddies make life more fun. We're looking foward to being the photographers of their wedding later this year at The Ebell. <3

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - Los Feliz Engagement

Brandy + Geancarlo

Long Beach Wedding Photographer - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

We met up with these two in their hotel room at Hotel Covell, lounged inside for a bit, then walked around the streets. They are some sweet souls and we're looking foward to being their wedding photographer's at the Millwick in L.A. this summer. <3

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, DTLA Anniversary Session

Natalie + Juan

©Isaiah + Taylor Photography - Long Beach Wedding Photographer --012.jpg

Had the best time running around DTLA with these two for their second wedding anniversary. We got to be apart of their engagement session, wedding day, and now this. Stoked to see where the next few years brings them, and we're honored to get to do this with them. <3

Neon Lights Self-Portraits, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Taylor + Isaiah

It was midnight, we had just finished shooting a whole wedding day, we were walking to the parking garage with all the gear on our backs, then we saw this rad neon light. We took a few Insta story selfies with it, and debated wether or not to pull back out a "real camera". Well we did, and then after taking some photos of each other, I wanted to take some self portraits together, so we did that too! It feels like forever since we've done something like this together (compared to our weekly self-portrait sessions we would do many moons ago), and it was refreshing. So here's our little self-portrait neon light couple session!