Wedding Day Questionnaire

Wedding Day Questionnaire

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This questionnaire is to help your wedding day go by smoothly & fun. Our goal is to make sure your wedding does not feel like a photo-shoot, and that you are relaxed as you celebrate, trusting that we'll be documenting everything that's important to you. 

On a wedding day, we shoot in a photo-journalistic style. Which means we won't be interrupting your wedding day to create posed scenarios. We will photograph what really happens, and we'll do posed photos during the planned portrait time (unless you of course prefer otherwise).

We'd love if you could send us a few of your favorite inspo photos (just emailing a couple over to us is fine).

Event Date
Event Date
@IsaiahAndTaylorPhotography (we'll tag you, if that's cool)
Both sides combined =
For reception lighting, we prefer to stay with the natural ambient light as much as possible. But some reception (and even ceremony) settings can be really dark at night. Sometimes we'll set up a small constant light to light up the speeches/toasts. We'll also use off camera flashes for dance photos / bouquet + garter toss / cake cut / etc. Some couples prefer to have no additional lighting (to keep the lighting as least invasive as possible), so they'd rather have darker/grainier photos. We'll make it work either way!
Please rate the importance of each thing below
Please rate the importance of each thing below
Agree = Please prioritize! Disagree = Please direct your time documenting something else! We do our best to work off of a typical check-list, but since each wedding is completely different we can't guarantee that everything will be documented. Please rate below the things that are some "must-haves" for you.
Posed Couple Photos (traditional, parent's fridge worthy)
Candid Couple Photos (walking around / hanging out )
"Artsy" Couple Photos (just for the aesthetic)
Landscape / Far Away Couple Photos (little people, big setting)
Intimate Couple Portraits (close up / PDA)
5 Minute Sunset Couple Photos (if you want, we'll steal you away from the party for a couple minutes to get some nicely lit gems).
Dress / Jewelry / Bouquet
Details of Ceremony / Reception
Hair / Make Up Prep
Putting on Dress
Groom Prep
Formal Bridal Party Photos
Formal Family Photos
Candids of Family / Friends
Ceremony Traditions
Reception Events
We don't want to direct the time on certain things if they're simply just not your thing, we'd rather focus on what's most important to ya!
Please describe + email some examples over too!
We are plant-based (no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy), most caterers have options. If not, we're chill just bringing our own if you know ahead of time. <3
Some guests have a certain theme or style they'd like everyone to stick to. Just let us know. If not, we'll just stick to our usual dark tones semi-formal/business casual.
artist + song :)
Website / Email
Florist / Makeup / Hair / DJ / Caterer
Dress designer + boutique / suit / rings / shoes / accessories

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out that lengthy questionnaire, please let us know if you have any questions. :)

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