California Photo Locations


We made this post to give ideas/options for possible settings for your photo session. These are some of our favorite locations in California we've been to over the years. Let's explore one of these together, or you can show us one of your favorite spots!

(Some locations / ideas that we'd love to shoot at but aren't listed below are -  museums/art galleries, desert salt flats, hot air balloons, sailboat, bonfire, farmer's market, rooftops. )

Angeles Crest Cliffside (near La Canada) 

This cliffside trail is mostly flat 1 mile round trip. It's a mountain landscape & even has a fun little tunnel. If you're feeling up to a longer adventure, we can start in the Pine Trees from the location below & you can get a wide range throughout your session.

Angeles Crest Pine Trees (near La Canada)

This is a hidden little cluster of pine trees with a perfect spot for a landscape view at the end. If you're feeling extra adventurous, we can hit up both this spot and the cliffside trail above.

Angeles Forest (Near Sierra Madre)

A steep 2 mile round trip hike with some dense greenery to a little stream. This area changes with the weather, sometimes it's super green while a week later it may be more dull. Either way, it's beautiful! It's also a more popular trail, so you may hear some fellow hikers saying "awww" in the background.

Palm Springs

Open desert landscapes, aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods.

Joshua Tree National Park

Desert landscape, rock formations, and Joshua Trees

Julian, San Diego

A simple trail around some trees, hills & a lake.

Downtown L.A.

Rad walls, grungy streets, bridges, cityscape. We'll probably go to different walls / backdrops, so if there's anythign specific you'd like to incorporate let us know! (view of city landscape, large minimal space, colorful graffiti walls, brick walls, grimy alleys, etc.)

Griffith Park, L.A.

Start in the trees & end with the city landscape. This exact spot is about a 1 mile up walk (on a paved road). On the way we'll stop at a tree grove, then we'll keep trekking until we get to the blacktop with that L.A. view. 

Santa Monica

This is a little secret spot we found & now love! There may be a couple local neighbors walking around, but its pretty chill for a beach view. We could start down on the sand when the sun is higher, then drive up here for sunset.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

A sweet blend of water & rocks. This beach is a very popular photo location, so be prepared for other people watching your PDA! 

Malibu Canyon

Oh, those rolling hills. This is a fun little trail, that's only about a mile round trip. If you're a beach & a nature lover, we can hit up both this spot and El Matador Beach from above.

Venice Beach

Canals, back alleys, palm trees, boardwalk, beach.

Long Beach Downtown

Walls, alley ways, parking garages.

Vasquez Rocks, Santa Clarita

Edgy rock formations where a bunch of movies, tv shows & commercials are filmed.

Oak Glen, San Bernardino 

Greenery & Fields

Foothill Ranch, Orange County

A couple mile hike up and down those rolling hills. Depending on what the weather has been like, most of the time the hills are golden brown & sometimes they are bright green. 

Salvation Mountain, Indio

So. Colorful. It's a lot smaller in person, but it's pretty cool.


Make a fun trip out of your engagement session & have us join you! 

(These have a travel fee of $500)

Yosemite National Park

Everyone should visit here once in their life! We've been here a dozen times together, and we won't be stopping anytime soon. We'll take you to some of our favorite spots in the park.

Big Sur

Here we have a couple of our favorite spots near Big Sur. We love starting in the dense redwood forest, then ending at the cliffy coast.

Sequoia National Park

Huge trees & sweet views.

Mt. Whitney Foothill, Lone Pine

At the foothill of Mt. Whitney you have trees & mountain views.

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine

Somewhat looks like Joshua Tree, without the crowds & trees. Let's go climb on some rocks. This is a free campground, so feel free to make a fun trip out of it and camp on this BLM land!

Mount Tamalpais State Park, San Fransisco 

Yes, we're above the clouds! Well, only if there are clouds out. This place is awesome with a really sweet view.