Photo Session Tips

COUPLE Session Tips


Here is a bit of information on how to plan for your engagement / couple session. Itโ€™s in no way a rulebook, but just a few tips we've found helpful. Our sessions are laid back & fun, resulting in a mix of natural candids & creative portraits.

If we'll be joining you for your wedding day also, this is a perfect time to get to know each other more. Being in front of a camera can be awkward & uncomfortable, so now is a great time to practice & get past that before the big day! During & after the session, we're definitely open to feedback if you'd like to change anything for that shot or the wedding day (you may have a preferred "good side", or want more kissing photos, etc.). Wedding day portrait time will go much smoother & quicker once we're all comfortable & know what to expect from one another. 


Sessions can be booked Monday-Thursday. Since we usually have weddings Friday through Sunday, we typically only have weekdays available for portrait sessions.

For the best lighting, we shoot the 2 hours before sunset, or at sunrise.

Turn around time for a portrait / engagement session is 6 weeks.

Deadlines to take into consideration- "save-the-dates" are typically sent out 4-8 months prior to the wedding date,  and invites are typically sent out 6-10 weeks prior. Please book with enough time to create, print & send them out. 


The location should be reflective of you both. Think about what's different about you two, things you have in common, or something you've always wanted to do together. Feel free to incorporate your hobbies, careers, passions, or something on your bucket list.

If you're getting lost on trails with your free time, let's go for a hike together! If you're a coffee or beer snob, think about a cafe or brewery. If you live for extreme sports, we'll be right there with you jumping out of that plane or gliding off that cliff. If you're more modern, think about strolling around an urban city or visiting an art gallery. If you like easy mornings at home, let's embrace that by spending breakfast time together or gardening in your yard. If you're foodies, let's grab a bite to eat at your favorite spot, or taste-test at the local farmer's market. Or, if you simply just like the aesthetic of a gorgeous landscape, let's enjoy our time watching the sunset over it.

This is the fun part, feel free to get as creative as you want, or just keep it simple!


Your outfits should also be an expression of you. There's no right or wrong way to do this.

We've put together a pinterest board of couple outfits we personally think work great together. You can see that by clicking here.

If all black everything is your thing, do it. Or go buy that flowing long yellow dress you've been eyeing. If you guys usually kick it casual, keep it you! And accessorize! Hats, necklaces, layers, they're all great. Unless your both wearing black, try not to wear the exact same color (just a personal preference. ;)

Use this an excuse to go all out on yourself, you're going to be looking at these photos for quite awhile.

Your engagement session is also a great time to trial your hair & make-up artists!


Aside from wedding portraits the day of your wedding, we can schedule a time before or after your wedding date to get you some awesome portraits at a location that may have been too far (or dirty). This can also be traded for the engagement session. 

A non-truadional route, the couple will put on their wedding attire the day / or week before there wedding to get the majority of portraits out of the way. This is also a fun way to try out different make up / hair / accessory options as well! 

A "day-after" / "honeymoon" session is when we meet back up, a day to a month after your wedding date to get some fun photos of you two in your wedding attire. This can be at any fun location, or at your actual honeymoon destination. 


This might sound silly, but really, this session is about representing you two together. It is important to us that you both enjoy your time together, let loose & relax! This is simply a chance to express the story of the love you share.