Los Angeles River Engagement

Andrew + Maegan

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - DTLA engagement session

A grungy day around L.A. makes us happy.

These two are fricken wonderful. They met when Maegan was cutting Andrew's hair, instantly connected, and they've pretty much been inseparable every since. We are stoked to photograph their wedding later this year at the Ethereal Open Air Resort.

Studio 11 Wedding, Los Angeles

Nathan + Andrea

Nate & Drea had their wedding at Studio 11 in Los Angeles, and for portraits we strolled around the same block to find some sweet urban walls.

The ceremony was in the intimate outdoor courtyard framed with greenery. Nate lead the ceremony processional playing his guitar and singing as their friends, family, and then his bride walked down the isle. There were moments of silence as he choked up and couldn’t sing, all the guests & vendors were also teary-eyed. 

Their decor was made or collected from antique shops with an Alice in Wonderland inspiration. In the few short months that they planned their wedding, they collected items that they could style their wedding with, and now they decorate their newlywed home. The collecting from antique shops was especially fitting, since Nate had proposed to Andrea inside of an antique store, which you can see here.

For dinner, we had wood-fired pizza, homemade brownies, and a candy bar. 

We all happy cried & laughed, it was a good day.

Millwick Wedding, Los Angeles

Nile + Britt

Britt is from Scotland, Nile is from California, they met in Australia & were married in L.A. Their wedding consisted of Scottish kilts, bagpipes & whiskey. We started the day walking around the city with them & their friends, then headed over to their ceremony & reception. We're honored to have crossed paths, and to have celebrated the day with them & their families.