California Photo Locations


These are some of our favorite locations in California. Let's explore one of these together, or you can show us one of your favorite spots!

Angeles Crest Cliffside (near La Canada) 

This cliffside trail is mostly flat 1 mile round trip. It's a mountain landscape & even has a fun little tunnel. If you're feeling up to a longer adventure, we can start in the Pine Trees from the location below & you can get a wide range throughout your session.

Angeles Crest Pine Trees (near La Canada)

This is a hidden little cluster of pine trees with a perfect spot for a landscape view at the end. If you're feeling extra adventurous, we can hit up both this spot and the cliffside trail above.

Angeles Forest (Near Sierra Madre)

A steep 2 mile round trip hike with some dense greenery to a little stream. This area changes with the weather, sometimes it's super green while a week later it may be more dull. Either way, it's beautiful! It's also a more popular trail, so you may hear some fellow hikers saying "awww" in the background.

Joshua Tree National Park

Desert landscape, rock formations, and Joshua Trees

Julian, San Diego

A simple trail around some trees, hills & a lake.

Downtown L.A.

Rad walls, grungy streets, bridges, cityscape.

Griffith Park, L.A.

Start in the trees & end with the city landscape. This exact spot is about a 1 mile up walk (on a paved road). On the way we'll stop at a tree grove, then we'll keep trekking until we get to the blacktop with that L.A. view. 

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

A sweet blend of water & rocks. This beach is a very popular photo location, so be prepared for other people watching your PDA! 

Malibu Canyon

Oh, those rolling hills. This is a fun little trail, that's only about a mile round trip. If you're a beach & a nature lover, we can hit up both this spot and El Matador Beach from above.

Venice Beach

Canals, back alleys, palm trees, boardwalk, beach.

Long Beach Downtown

Walls, alley ways, parking garages.

Vasquez Rocks, Santa Clarita

Edgy rock formations where a bunch of movies, tv shows & commercials are filmed.

Oak Glen, San Bernardino 

Greenery & Fields

Foothill Ranch, Orange County

A couple mile hike up and down those rolling hills. Depending on what the weather has been like, most of the time the hills are golden brown & sometimes they are bright green. 

Salvation Mountain, Indio

So. Colorful. It's a lot smaller in person, but it's pretty cool.

Sunset Beach, San Diego

Los Penasquitos Canyon, San Diego

This is a fun 3 mile hike ( so bring your comfy shoes). Here you'll get some trees, rolling hills & some rocks you can climb on.


Make a fun trip out of your engagement session & have us join you! 

(These have a travel fee of $500)

Yosemite National Park

Everyone should visit here once in their life! We've been here a dozen times together, and we won't be stopping anytime soon. We'll take you to some of our favorite spots in the park.

Big Sur

Here we have a couple of our favorite spots near Big Sur. We love starting in the dense redwood forest, then ending at the cliffy coast.

Sequoia National Park

Huge trees & sweet views.

Mt. Whitney Foothill, Lone Pine

At the foothill of Mt. Whitney you have trees & mountain views.

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine

Somewhat looks like Joshua Tree, without the crowds & trees. Let's go climb on some rocks. This is a free campground, so feel free to make a fun trip out of it and camp on this BLM land!

Mount Tamalpais State Park, San Fransisco 

Yes, we're above the clouds! Well, only if there are clouds out. This place is awesome with a really sweet view.

Wedding Day Questionnaire

Wedding Day Questionnaire 

Wedding Day Timeline Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to make sure your wedding day goes by smoothly & fun. Our goal is to make sure your wedding day does not feel like a photo-shoot. It's important to us that you are relaxed as you celebrate, trusting that we'll be documenting everything that's important to you. 

If you have a rough-draft timeline, please send that over as well. If not, we'd love to help make one. Please fill out these questions as best as possible, thanks!

Name *
Its a good idea to plan to start the actual ceremony 15-30 minutes later to give guests time to arrive / take a seat.
Planning for a first look allows for a more relaxing & fun day. You'll also get many more photos together & with family/bridal party this way. We highly recommend a first look for every wedding. Almost all of our couples decide to do one, and no-one ever regrets it!
We encourage to get ready at the venue as much as possible, we'll most likely meet you there for the final getting ready photos.
Since we do bridal party photos prior to ceremony, it's best to have all the bouquets dropped off at least 3 hours before ceremony time.
Knowing this will help to know when to photograph details of your sweet set up. The earlier the better!
We typically leave shortly after cake-cut.
Both sides combined=
Any certain spots at the venue that you have to have a photo at together?
Please rate the importance of each thing below *
Please rate the importance of each thing below
Agree= Yes, please prioritize! Disagree= Not the top of the list. On a wedding day, we shoot in a photo-journalistic style. Which means we won't be interrupting your wedding day to create posed scenarios. We will photograph what really happens, and we'll do posed photos during the planned portrait time. We do our best to work off of a typical check-list, but since each wedding is completely different we can't guarantee that everything will be documented. Please rate below the things that are some "must-haves" for you.
Details of dress/rings/flowers
Details of ceremony/reception set up
Getting ready - hair/make up
Putting on dress/attire
Bride/groom reading cards/opening gifts
Posed Couple Photos (traditional / classic / the ones you parents will probably put on their fridge)
Candid Couple Photos (walking around / hanging out / dancing)
Conceptual Portraits (Artfully staged, just for the aesthetic. Sometimes a stale/deadpan/non-emotional look, not much interaction between you).
Landscape / Far Away Setting Couple Photos (Little people, big setting)
Intimate Couple Portraits (close up / PDA)
5 minute Sunset Photo Session (If you want, we'll steal you away for a quick minute around dinner time to get some fun sunset lit photos)
Formal Bridal Party Photos
Formal Family Photos
Candids of family/friends
Ceremony traditions
Reception events
Please feel free to describe, or email over any exact photos if you want.
What's their email / website?
Name / Website / Email
The first kiss, together at sunset, hugging grandpa, etc.

Should I Do a First Look?

Should I Do a First Look?

More info coming soon...

But YES! Planning for a first look allows for a more relaxing & fun day. You'll also get many more photos together & with family/bridal party this way. We highly recommend a first look for every wedding. Almost all of our couples decide to do one, and no-one ever regrets it!

Couple Questionnaire

Couple Questionnaire 

Your Name *
Your Name
Partner's Name
Partner's Name
(hobbies, work, projects, pets, etc.)
Together or individually.
The fun you have together. Your affection toward each other. Something specific you do together. Your sweet style. Etc.

Photo Session Tips

Photo Session Tips


Here is a bit of information on how to plan for your photo session. It’s in no way a rulebook, but just a few tips we've found helpful. Our sessions are laid back & fun, resulting in a mix of natural candids & creative portraits.

If we'll be joining you for your wedding day also, this is a perfect time to get to know each other more. Being in front of a camera can be awkward & uncomfortable, so now is a great time to practice & get past that before the big day! During & after the session, we're definitely open to feedback if you'd like to change anything for that shot or the wedding day (you may have a preferred "good side", or want more kissing photos, etc.). Wedding day portrait time will go much smoother & quicker once we're all comfortable & know what to expect from one another. 


Sessions can be booked Monday-Thursday. Since we usually have weddings Friday through Sunday, we typically only have weekdays available for portrait sessions.

For the best lighting, we shoot the 2 hours before sunset, or at sunrise.

Turn around time for a portrait / engagement session is 4 weeks.

Deadlines to take into consideration- "save-the-dates" are typically sent out 4-8 months prior to the wedding date,  and invites are typically sent out 6-10 weeks prior. Please book with enough time to create, print & send them out. 


The location should be reflective of you both. Think about what's different about you two, things you have in common, or something you've always wanted to do together. Feel free to incorporate your hobbies, careers or passions.

If you're getting lost on trails with your free time, let's go for a hike together! If you're a coffee or beer snob, think about a cafe or brewery. If you live for extreme sports, we'll be right there with you jumping out of that plane or gliding off that cliff. If you're more modern, think about strolling around an urban city or visiting an art gallery. If you like easy mornings at home, let's embrace that by spending breakfast time together or gardening in your yard. If you're foodies, let's grab a bite to eat at your favorite spot, or taste-test at the local farmer's market. Or, if you simply just like the aesthetic of a gorgeous landscape, let's enjoy our time watching the sunset over it.

This is the fun part, feel free to get as creative as you want, or just keep it simple!


Your outfits should also be an expression of you. There's no right or wrong way to do this.

We've put together a pinterest board of couple outfits we personally think work great together. You can see that by clicking here.

If all black everything is your thing, DO IT. Or if you want, go buy that flowing long yellow or red dress you've been eyeing. Unless your both wearing black, try not to wear the exact same color. And accessorize! Hats, necklaces, layers, they're all great.

Use this an excuse to go all out on yourself, you're going to be looking at these photos for quite awhile.

Your engagement session is also a great time to trial your hair & make-up artists!


Aside from wedding portraits the day of your wedding, we can schedule a time before or after your wedding date to get you some awesome portraits at a location that may have been too far (or dirty). This can also be traded for the engagement session. 

A non-truadional route, the couple will put on their wedding attire the day / or week before there wedding to get the majority of portraits out of the way. This is also a fun way to try out different make up / hair / accessory options as well! 

A "day-after" / "honeymoon" session is when we meet back up, a day to a month after your wedding date to get some fun photos of you two in your wedding attire. This can be at any fun location, or at your actual honeymoon destination. 


This might sound silly, but really, this session is about representing you two together. It is important to us that you both enjoy your time together, let loose & relax! This is simply a chance to express the story of the love you share.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you full-time wedding photographers?

-Yes! We both quit our office jobs a couple years ago, and we both fully focus on our photography business.

Do you both shoot at weddings? / Will you both be at my wedding? 

Yes! We shoot everything together, and we are both lead photographers. One of us is not there to just "assist" the other, we both see things differently, so you'll receive different perspectives of the day/shoot.

Do you travel?

ALL THE TIME. Most of our weddings & sessions are far, far away from our "home base" (Los Angeles). Contact us for details, and we may just coincidently be near you & your destination wedding. 

How much does wedding photography cost?

Full day wedding coverage starts at $3,950. We keep things pretty simple, Contact us for a detailed package list.

How did you start out in wedding photography?

We have both been shooting individually before we met. Isaiah would shoot skateboarding, and Taylor would shoot portraits. We've been creating fun things together since 2009, and started photographing weddings together as well. It's been pretty awesome doing what we love together.

How long will I have to wait to see my photos?

We send over a couple sneak peeks that same week. Your full wedding gallery will be delivered within 2 months of your wedding date, & your engagement/portrait session gallery will be delivered within 1 month.

Will all the photos I receive be edited?

Yes! Every photo you receive has been hand-edited by us, one by one. 

What is the "online gallery" that is included in your packages?

The online gallery is a private online website that contains your hi-res photos for you to download. This can be accessed by you & anyone you'd like to share it with. This is also an easy, fast & secure way to order prints/canvases.

Will there be a ridiculously ugly watermark across my face in the photos I receive?

Absolutely not. When we say that everything is included in your package, we mean it. There are no unpleasant surprises/fees later to receive your images.

Do you photograph formal family portraits?

Yes. These are typically done directly after your ceremony with your immediate family. Or if you do a first look, this can be done prior to ceremony. 

Do you have insurance.

Yes, yes, yes! If your venue needs a copy of it, let us know & we'll send it over.

What gear do you use?

Nikon d810, Nikon d800, all prime lenses from 24-135. For post processing we use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & PhotoMechanic.

How many weddings have you photographed together?

100+ and counting.

How do I book you?

Contact us first to make sure we're available for your date. To reserve us for your date, we do a contract signing & 50% retainer fee. This can all be done digitally through email to keep things easy.

When should I book you?

ASAP. Our dates fill up quick, especially since we're always traveling. Most couples book us a year out, contact us to see if/when we're available.

How did you two meet?

We both had a friend that would tell us about each other. Her words- "I know someone equally as weird as you that you have to meet". So, we met casually with friends, and became best friends a little after that. 

What's your favorite food?

Tacos, Pumpkin Pie, & Thai Curry Pizza.