Long Beach Wedding Photographer, Downtown Engagement

Adrienne + Leilani

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Okay, this day was fun. These two are hilarious and kept us laughing this entire time, and the drinks we all had beforehand may have contributed to this. From the bar, we ventured around downtown Long Beach, found some cool walls, alleys and views. Adrienne and Leilani are genuine and warm, these solid buddies make life more fun. We're looking foward to being the photographers of their wedding later this year at The Ebell. <3

Millwick Wedding, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Alexa + Gus

Long Beach Wedding Photographer, Los Angeles Wedding, Millwick Wedding

From getting ready at Flora Chang, to their outdoor urban garden ceremony at Millwick, to driving across the bridges in their Buick around L.A., we had a lot of fun with these two. The lovely ladies of Bella Rue designed the day, and the Millwick is one of our favorite venues in Los Angeles to photograph at, so it was all around a good day.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - Los Feliz Engagement

Brandy + Geancarlo

Long Beach Wedding Photographer - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

We met up with these two in their hotel room at Hotel Covell, lounged inside for a bit, then walked around the streets. They are some sweet souls and we're looking foward to being their wedding photographer's at the Millwick in L.A. this summer. <3

The Ebell of Long Beach, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Annelise + David

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Wedding Sneak Peeks, full gallery coming soon! 

Traditional tea ceremony at an Airbnb + an urban wedding = YES. 

The Ebell of Long Beach is one of our favorite venues..and it's just a mile away from our home, so that's pretty cool too.


Joshua Tree Backyard Wedding, Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Erin + Cody

These two contacted us before they had a venue booked. They were searching around for a nature setting possibly up north, but instead decided to buy a home and have their wedding in their front yard. YES PLEASE, one of the best ideas ever. So here we have Erin & Cody's front & backyard wedding at their home in Joshua Tree.

Yosemite Waterfall Elopement, Long Beach Wedding Photographer

Erica + Dustin

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Yosemite in the autumn is one of the best things ever. Ericka and Dustin (and their baby still baking) traveled from Minnesota to elope in Yosemite National Park. It rained and was 30 degree weather the entire time, and these two champed through it. This was one of our favorite days, and we're so grateful to have been apart of it.